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New research at Harvard University shows people who drank five cups of black tea a day for 2 weeks transformed their imune system cells to pump out 10 times more cold and flu virus-fighting interferon.

Tealeaves produce organic compounds that help defend the plant against infection. These same compounds are preserved in both green and black tea, and have been shown to inhibit the spread and growth of the flu virus. Numerous studies have found that both tea and tea extracts significantly reduces the incidence of flu in the young, elderly, and healthcare workers who are at higher risk of infection.

Ashbys Blended Black Teas:

James Ashby, a traditional family man, established the Ashbys Tea firm in London in 1850. Importing and packaging only the highest quality teas from the most prestigious tea growing areas of the world. Ashbys Teas have become a standard among fine English teas. Ashbys Teas offers quality, freshness and packaging that reflects the heritage the English have come to expect of a great tea.

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Ashbys Teas of London are an excellent way to start or end your day. Enjoy the finest quality of teas the world has to offer.

Although it was the Dutch who first brought tea to Europe early in the 17th century, it remains the British who hold the reputation as “Tea-drinking nation”, at least in terms of quantity.

Their five o’clock tea parties would hardly be complete without the traditional cream, sugar lumps, and biscuits or scones.

Admiring the aura that the average British household manages to create around a pot of the simplest tea.

The British taste in tea is for the rougher, more robust, quick brewing variety of teas such as English Breakfast, Afternoon and Earl Grey.

AFTERNOON TEA - A delicate blend of Ceylon teas that's perfect for the traditional afternoon tea hour. This tea goes very well with pastries, cakes or freshly baked scones with Lemon Curd.

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In the history of tea, Black Tea is a comparatively new arrival. For a long time after the Dutch traders brought the first leaves to Europe in the early 17th century, the only option was green Tea from China.

Then, when the British developed a voracious appetite for the new drink in the 19th century they set about cultivating and producing the tea themselves.

Soon they had mastered the process, setting up huge tea gardens in every corner of their colonial empire where climatic conditions were favorable. They began to develop new strains of tea, tailored to suit their tastes, and invented new production techniques.

The Europeans were delighted with the new darker and stronger varieties, and this marked the beginning of Black Teas dominance of the European Market.

ENGLISH BREAKFAST - A blend of China Black Keemun teas. Named after the English who felt the bold flavor of this blend was enhanced by adding milk.

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Decaffeinated Teas:

A cup of tea contains about half the caffeine as a cup of coffee. However, tea can be decaffeinated by some of the same processes as coffee. Ethyl acetate is the most common method of decaffeination. Ethyl acetate is a by-product of natural fruit acid, is not carcinogenic, and removes 98% of the caffeine from the tea.

ENGLISH BREAKFAST DECAF. - Same great taste as English Breakfast, only decaffeinated.

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