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New research at Harvard University shows people who drank five cups of black tea a day for 2 weeks transformed their imune system cells to pump out 10 times more cold and flu virus-fighting interferon.

Tealeaves produce organic compounds that help defend the plant against infection. These same compounds are preserved in both green and black tea, and have been shown to inhibit the spread and growth of the flu virus. Numerous studies have found that both tea and tea extracts significantly reduces the incidence of flu in the young, elderly, and healthcare workers who are at higher risk of infection.

Ashbys Flavored Black Teas:

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In the history of tea, Black Tea is a comparatively new arrival. For a long time after the Dutch traders brought the first leaves to Europe in the early 17th century, the only option was green Tea from China.

Then, when the British developed a voracious appetite for the new drink in the 19th century they set about cultivating and producing the tea themselves.

EARL GREY - Named after the Prime Minister to China in 1830, Earl Grey derives its famous flavor from oil of bergamot (an oil from the rind of the fruit of Citrus Bergamia). An excellent special occasion or after-dinner tea.

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Soon they had mastered the process, setting up huge tea gardens in every corner of their colonial empire where climatic conditions were favorable. They began to develop new strains of tea, tailored to suit their tastes, and invented new production techniques.

The Europeans were delighted with the new darker and stronger varieties, and this marked the beginning of Black Teas dominance of the European Market.

Flavored teas are mainly used with the finest China Black teas. The extracts used to flavor the teas are a combination of both natural and artificial flavoring. Combining these two types of flavoring results in a wonderfully enhanced natural aroma and taste that will remain with the tea for a long time.

APRICOT - Elegant apricot flavor and dried petals create our best selling cup of flavored tea.

This fruit flavored tea is delicious served hot of cold.

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APRICOT DECAF. - The Apricot flavor is alive in this decaffeinated version of Apricot.

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Christmas Spice Tea

Christmas Spice Tea: This delicious Orange Pekoe black tea is flavored with cinnamon, spice and everything nice and is sure to make your Holidays merry and bright!

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Ashbys Cinnamon Orange Tea:

The rich and aromatic flavor of China Black teas blend with the distinctive citrus notes of oranges leave you with a unique flavor experience .

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CINNAMON PLUM - Flavored with fresh ground cinnamon and the rich essence of plum.

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GINGER PEACH - Enjoy the essence of fresh southern peaches and Asian ginger.

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RASPBERRY - Not too tart; just the right balance of raspberry flavor and tea.

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