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New research at Harvard University shows people who drank five cups of black tea a day for 2 weeks transformed their imune system cells to pump out 10 times more cold and flu virus-fighting interferon.

Tealeaves produce organic compounds that help defend the plant against infection. These same compounds are preserved in both green and black tea, and have been shown to inhibit the spread and growth of the flu virus. Numerous studies have found that both tea and tea extracts significantly reduces the incidence of flu in the young, elderly, and healthcare workers who are at higher risk of infection.

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Green Tea:

Fresh and clean-tasting, green tea has a more subtle flavor than black. The first step in green tea processing is panfiring, wherein the leaves are exposed to hot steam to destroy the enzymes that would otherwise cause them to ferment. The rolling step takes place on heated tables to dry the leaves further. Lastly, they are fired, graded and packed. The entire process takes only one day.

JAPANESE GREEN TEA - From Japan, this pan-fired tea is lightly rolled and dried over a fire in a large flat bottom pan. This tea contains the desirable "Polyphenols" that have been reported to be a cancer fighting substance. It has a very light, fresh taste and produces a transparent greenish colored brew.

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The first recorded mention of Green Tea dates back to around 600 BC. Then, in 780 AD the poet, Lu Yu, describes its cultivation and properties in great detail. In that same century Buddhist monks brought the first tea from China to Japan, and cultivation began there in modest quantities.

As with Black Tea, the concentration of active substances in the cup can be controlled through varying the leaf dosage, brewing times, and water temperature. Because Green Tea leaves have a higher concentration of active substances, and the leaves release their properties quickly, the sustaining or invigorating properties of Green Tea are perceived to be more immediate.

Green Tea Latte Tea Candy:

An ancient beverage savored for its rich, complex flavors has been enjoyed for centuries in exotic lands.

The natural tea extract that is used in our candies originates from whole green tea that is grown exclusively in the islands of Java.

Mindfully hand-plunked, our tea derives its fresh & lively flavor and light floral scent from the sultry Javanese climate and rich soils.

The result is an exquisite candy that is perfectly balanced with the essence of the whole leaf tea.

42 Individually Wrapped Candies
Infused with Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Latte Candy
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