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New research at Harvard University shows people who drank five cups of black tea a day for 2 weeks transformed their imune system cells to pump out 10 times more cold and flu virus-fighting interferon.

Tealeaves produce organic compounds that help defend the plant against infection. These same compounds are preserved in both green and black tea, and have been shown to inhibit the spread and growth of the flu virus. Numerous studies have found that both tea and tea extracts significantly reduces the incidence of flu in the young, elderly, and healthcare workers who are at higher risk of infection.

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White Tea:

For centuries, the varieties of white tea – highly prized for their delicate, fragrant, and fine flavor- were a privilege reserved for the Chinese elite.

Recognize white tea by the silvery, white downy hairs that remain on the unopened leaf buds even after the harvest takes place thanks to very gentle processing. Gentle processing also helps ensure that the tea retains its essential nutrients.

The crisp sweet and tart taste of the pomegranate is softened by the white tea in this great mellowing blend.

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The harvested leaf is only wilted and dried – this means that the cell walls within the leaf also remain undamaged for the most part, and hardly any of the essential oils are exposed to react with the oxygen in the surrounding air.

The high content of polyphenols, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and trace elements found in white tea are the basis of its continued use in traditional Chinese medicine.

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