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Christian Adoptions Formed in 1996, Christian Adoption has been online for over 13 years (164 months) and we have successfully completed 333 adoption births (1 of those placements births was in 1996 [when we began Christian Adoption] 35 in 1997 – 1998 28 in 1999 27 in 2000 23 in 2001 31 in 2002 28 in 2003 32 in 2004 20 in 2005 27 in 2006 24 in 2007 30 in 2008 17 in 2009 9 so far in 2010 We pray for God to direct Christian couples to list with Christian Adoption. With that same conviction, we pray for God to lead birth parents to our ministry for placement with a Christian Adoption couple. Our ministry is simple, cause the Creator of the universe is kind, abundantly generous, compassionate, awesome, great, mighty, delivering, all powerful, forgiving, strengthening, and empowering. God is full of grace and mercy with an unlimited amount of love for His children. He is our heavenly Father who is ready and willing to answer our prayers, to heal our hearts, to fill us with His love and to deliver us in every area of life. If God is leading you to Christian Adoption we encourage you to follow His loving guidance and you will not be disappointed!
Powerfilled MinisteringOn this Website you will be able to listen to audio teachings, and read testimonies of God's healing power in the lives of those who believe and look only to God. Our heart's desire and prayer is that you will be encouraged to seek God with all your heart and look only to Him, and that this website will be a blessing to you. May God bless you
San Diego Biblical Studies FellowshipThe San Diego Biblical Studies Fellowship recognizes God's desire for "all men to be saved, and come unto a knowledge of the truth." (I Timothy 2:4). Therefore our mission is to help those who desire to have an accurate knowledge of God's Word, so that they may be saved and live a more than abundant life.
Powerfilled Ministering Audio Teaching'sPowerfilled ministering is a home bible fellowship, where we teach and preach God's Word. We teach people from God's Word, how to look only to God and how to make the Word of God their own, so they can teach others also.
Indescribable - Chris TomlinAwesome You Tube Video
Awesome God - Michael W. SmithAwesome God - You Tube Video - by Michael W. Smith
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