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How to Brew Hot Tea:
Making a proper pot of tea is not a mystery known only to the British! Some very simple rules apply and when followed correctly, will produce the beverage you will lovingly linger over.

Ingredients needed are Good Tea,
Freshly Boiled Water,
and Patience to wait five minutes.

Step 1:Take a clean teapot that is either a round earthenware of porcelain pot and fill it with water from a measuring cup to determine how many 6 ounce cups your teapot holds, Pour out the measured water and refill your teapot with hot tap water to preheat it. Let it set for several minutes to warm and then empty out the water.

Step 2: Measure the loose tea with a teaspoon (measuring size spoon only). Use one level teaspoon per cup of tea (6 ounces of water). Measure the loose tea directly into your teapot.

Step 3: Take your empty teakettle and fill it with cold water from your tap that has been running for at least one minute to flush out the stale water in the pipes.

Step 4: Boil the water by turning your stove to high heat and bringing the water to a full vigorous, rolling, furious bubbling boil. Never overboil the water, it will de-aerate and go flat producing a dull and dead-tasting tea.

Step 5: Have your teapot next to the kettle in anticipation of the full-boiling moment. At the point at which the water reaches a full rolling boil, pour the boiling water into your teapot immediately.

Step 6: Put the lid on your teapot and wait five minutes. At this point, if you have one, you may cover the teapot with a teacozy to slow down the cooling of the water while the tea is brewing.

Step 7: After you have waited five minutes, lift the lid and give the tea a quick stir before serving.
Step 8: Serve immediately or the tea will be over-brewed. Use a stainless steel strainer to catch the leaves if you do not have a built-in strainer inside your teapot.

Step 9: Enjoy your tea with a friend or relative you haven't seen in awhile. Make it a pratice to enjoy life and take some time for yourself. Our best wishes Griffith Enterprises.

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